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2019 Guts UK/Dr Falk awards are open for applications
  1. Alice Kington
  1. Guts UK Charity, London, UK
  1. Correspondence to Alice Kington, Guts UK Charity, London NW1 4LB, UK; research{at}

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The Guts UK (formerly Core)/Dr Falk awards recognise the achievements of those who bring new knowledge and insight to gastroenterology and hepatology. For those committed to furthering research or patient care, these awards are an opportunity to achieve national recognition as well as the financial support for career progression. This year colleagues may nominate a nurse for the Nurse Prize.

The awards comprise the following:

  • A £1000 prize for the best essay on gastroenterology or hepatology research personally undertaken by medical students who were on an intercalated BSc/MRes/MSc/MPH/MBPhD* course during the previous academic year (2017–2018).

  • Four £1500 prizes for medical students taking full-time science degrees (BSc/MRes/MSc/MPH/MBPhD*) focusing on gastrointestinal or liver-related disease in the current academic year (2018–2019).

  • Two £2500 grants for F1/F2 doctors to facilitate prospective research in an area relevant to gastroenterology or hepatology.

  • A £1000 prize for primary and secondary care gastrointestinal/liver nurses for initiatives that have improved patient care.

  • A £1000 prize for dietitians working in gastroenterology or hepatology for initiatives that have improved patient care.

  • Up to £10 000 is available for UK-based gastroenterology/hepatology Specialist Registrar (SpR) trainees who would like to conduct an audit or quality improvement project in any area of gastroenterology, liver disease or nutrition.

Applications close at 17:00 on Monday, 4 March 2019.

For further information and to apply, visit

*PhD students should note that they may apply for the medical student prize only once during their 3-year studentship and that they may apply for the essay prize when their PhD has been completed.

Core*/Dr Falk Pharma UK Award Winners 2018

*Core is now known as Guts UK Charity.

Core/Dr Falk Medical Student Essay Prize

Awad Mahalhal

Gastroenterology Research Unit, University of Liverpool

Title of the project: Influence of iron supplementation on gut microbiota and the natural history of inflammatory bowel disease

Project supervisor: Professor Chris Probert

Prize: £1000

Core/Dr Falk Medical Student Prizes

Jocelyn Cheuk

Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton

Title of the project: The development of obesity and type 2 diabetes harnessing the gut microbiota and host genetics

Project supervisors: Dr Sylvia Pender and Dr Felino Cagampang

Prize: £1500

Claudia Cipriano

Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health, University of Manchester

Title of the project: Assessment of body composition and the gut hormone and cytokine profile of anorexic and cachexia upper gastrointestinal cancer patient

Project supervisor: Professor John McLaughlin

Prize: £1500

Ratnam Gandhi

Centre for Liver Research, University of Birmingham

Title of the project: The clearance of dead cells by hepatocytes: mechanism and clinical implications

Project supervisor: Dr Zania Stamataki

Prize: £1500

Lauren Marks

Gastroenterology Department, Royal Hallamshire Hospital/University of Sheffield

Title of the project: Biopsy avoidance strategy in adult coeliac disease

Project supervisor: Professor David Sanders

Prize: £1500

Core/Dr Falk Dietitian Prize

Dr Miranda Lomer

Reader in Dietetics, King’s College London

Title of the project: A dietary management pathway for irritable bowel syndrome

Prize: £1000

Core/Dr Falk F1/F2 Research Grants

Dr Emily Hughes

Department of Discovery and Translational Science, University of Leeds

Title of the project: Inflammatory crosstalk between adipose tissue and the liver

Project supervisor: Dr Richard Parker

Grant: £2500

Dr Camilla Rhead

Institute of Liver and Digestive Health, Royal Free Hospital/UCL

Title of the project: An analysis of the incidence of bacterial infection, antibiotic use and resistance in patients with decompensated liver disease

Project supervisor: Dr Alastair O’Brien

Grant: £2500

Core/Dr Falk SpR Trainee Audit/Quality Improvement Awards

Dr Laith Al Rubaiy

University Hospital of Wales and University Hospital of Llandough in Cardiff

Title of the project: Using Patients’ endoscopy educational VIDeos to improve their Experience and OutcomeS (P-VIDEOS) study

Awarded: £4600

Dr Misha Kabir

St Mark’s Hospital and Academic Institute

Title of the project: Developing a personalised patient decision aid to improve the quality of shared decision-making between ulcerative colitis patients diagnosed with dysplasia and their clinicians

Awarded: £2800

Dr Dipesh Vasant

Salford Royal, Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

Title of the project: Anorectal dysfunction in ulcerative colitis: a cross sectional survey

Awarded: £2600

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