InvestigationsPotential resultsClinical management plan: abnormal results
Flexible sigmoidoscopyRadiation proctopathy

Anterior resection syndrome
  1. Pelvic floor and toileting exercises (page 18).

  2. Stool bulking agent.

  3. Low dose antidepressants.

  4. Consider referral to a specialist centre for biofeedback (page 18).

  5. Consider referral for acupuncture.

PolypArrange endoscopic/surgical removal.
Newly diagnosed neoplasmRefer urgently to the appropriate oncology team requesting an appointment within 2 weeks.
Newly diagnosed IBD/infection
  1. Send stool culture.

  2. If mild or moderate, refer within 2 weeks to a gastroenterologist.

    If severe, this is an emergency—discuss immediately with a gastroenterologist.

  • IBD, inflammatory bowel disease.