Table 2

Referrals to SPC for cirrhosis: reasons and timings

Liver professionalsGeneral practiceSpecialist palliative care
NPer centNPer centNPer cent
Reasons for referral to SPC by specialty
 Symptom Control137881275
 End of life issues138891275
 Hospice/palliative care12379956
 Bereavement support3925319
 Ethical decision making117213
 Communicating difficult news7516
Most appropriate times for referral to SPC by specialty
 End-stage/end of life1588922391
 Deterioration in symptoms1055919881
 Recurrent hospital admissions1116318074
 Consideration of referral to tertiary liver centre, for example, for liver transplant assessment32185924
 Initial diagnosis127219
 Total responses177245
  • SPC, specialist palliative care.