Table 1

Patient responses (n=202) to a ranking questionnaire of individual aspects of care considered important for obtaining satisfaction with the upper gastrointestinal endoscopy experience*53

Ranking of aspects of care important to patientMedianMeanSE meanRank (1–15)
1How long I wait to get an endoscopy appointment?76.90.3727
2The waiting time once you had arrived prior to the procedure98.20.35610
3Staff explanation of reason(s) for delay1210.70.31613
4Personal manner (courtesy, respect, sensitivity, friendliness) of the person who performs the procedure44.90.2472
5The technical skills (thoroughness, carefulness, competence) of the person who performs the procedure22.80.1731
6The personal manner (courtesy, respect, sensitivity, friendliness) of the nurses and support staff55.80.254
7Adequacy of explanation of the procedure—all my questions answered55.80.2494
8Questions answered in a way I could understand66.80.2696
9Adequacy of control of discomfort during procedure55.60.2513
10Physician discussion with my primary doctor prior to the procedure98.90.29512
11Appearance/cleanliness of the examination room98.70.28611
12Physician and nurse knowledge of my medical history7.57.80.289
13Noise level in the examination room1412.50.2515
14Amount of privacy in the examination room1110.70.27413
15Physician discussion with me and/or my family following the procedure87.70.3118
  • *Adapted from [40]. The results are reported as median, mean and SE of the mean. Rank reflects the mean value (1=high; 15=low importance).