Table 2

Training and support for home enteral nutrition (HEN) patients after discharge to the community

AdultsChildrenp Value
Main trainer—hospital dietitian16 (n=37, 43%)2 (n=29, 7%)0.0017*
Main trainer—hospital nurse13 (n=37, 35%)20 (n=29, 69%)0.013*
Main trainer—company representative6 (n=37, 16%)7 (n=29, 24%)0.85
Main trainer—other2 (n=37, 5.4%)0 (n=29, 0%)0.22
Written info given on discharge45 (n=50, 90%)31 (n=34, 91%)0.87
Support—community dietitian9 (n=50, 18%)8 (n=36, 22%)0.45
Support—general practitioner15, (n=50, 30%)4 (n=36, 11%)0.037*
Carer assistance for HEN administration4, (n=50, 8%)9 (n=37, 24%)0.039*
  • Differences in HEN support, training and information were identified between adults and children. Data represent actual number and respondents within each section shown (n). In total, 88 respondents were included, but those who were not aware of their trainer's title, or who omitted sections pertaining to this table were excluded from data analysis. Statistical significance determined after analysis with Fisher exact test and χ2 tables.

  • *Denotes statistical significance with p<0.05.