Table 1

Indications for home enteral nutrition (HEN) use

Adults (n=50)
 Malignancy24 (48%)
 Neuromuscular degenerative disorder8 (16%)
 Stroke4 (8%)
 Respiratory disease4 (8%)
 Brain injury3 (6%)
 Congenital malformation3 (6%)
 Unknown4 (8%)
Children (n=37)
 Chromosomal/metabolic disorder9 (24.3%)
 Cerebral palsy7 (18.9%)
 Cystic fibrosis5 (13.5%)
 Developmental delay5 (13.5%)
 Congenital heart disease4 (10.8%)
 Chronic kidney disease2 (5.4%)
 Gastrointestinal tract congenital malformation2 (5.4%)
 Malignancy1 (2.7%)
 Unknown2 (5.4%)
  • Patients were asked to complete the indication for initial prescription of HEN as part of the distributed questionnaire. A: Data are displayed as actual and percentage count of adult (n=50) and B: Paediatric (n=37) patients.