Table 24

Investigation and management of jaundice

InvestigationsPotential resultsClinical management plan
Actions from history, medication and dietary assessment
If there is feverThis is an emergency. Discuss with the on-call gastroenterology team immediately.
If there is no fever
Blood for FBC, U&E, LFTs, INR, viral serology, glucose, plus full liver screen (p. 2) and amylase.
Urgent US abdomen plus Doppler of the portal vein.
Discuss with the gastroenterology or hepatology team within 24 hours.
Warn the patient that if they develop a fever they need to seek immediate medical help.
  • FBC, full blood count; INR, international normalised ratio; LFTs, liver function tests; U&E, urea and electrolytes; US, ultrasound.