Table 3

Likert ratings for items ensuring structural necessities required for the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) multidisciplinary meeting—12 items were incorporated into the Delphi and consensus for inclusion (Likert ranking >3; IQR ≤1) was obtained for 10 items (shaded blue and green). Six items achieved consensus and ranked as ‘very important’ (shaded blue), four items achieved consensus and ranked as ‘important’ (shaded green). Two items achieved consensus for ‘some importance’ without inclusion (shaded grey).

Likert rating (median; IQR)
Items identified from stage 1 —semi-structured interviews28 Clear electronic documentation of the MDT discussion outcome in the patients’ clinical records.5; 4–5
Organisational recognition of the IBD MDT and implementation into the job plan for core members.5; 5–5
A specific question to be addressed.5; 4–5
A designated MDT coordinator with designated administrative responsibilities.5; 4–5
Working and regularly maintained technological resources.5; 4–5
A confidential meeting space (bleep free environment, away from public or clinical areas).4.5; 4–5
A chair person who is also a core member of the IBD MDT.4; 4–5
A priority to discuss urgent cases and/or IBD inpatients first.4; 4–5
A priority to discuss patients who were missed at the previous meeting.4; 4–5
A letter to the patient and primary care physician detailing the outcome of the MDT discussion.4; 4–5
A submission of clinical cases no later than 3 working days in advance.3; 3–3
A need to alternate chairing responsibilities across IBD MDT core members.3; 3–4
  • Eligibility for case discussion; MDT, multidisciplinary team