Table 4

Likert ratings for items ensuring eligible cases for discussion in the inflammatory bowel disease multidisciplinary meeting—Seven items were incorporated into the Delphi and consensus for inclusion (Likert ranking >3; IQR ≤1) was obtained for four items (shaded green). Four items achieved consensus and ranked as ‘important’ (shaded green). Three items did not achieve consensus.

Likert rating
(median; IQR)
Items identified from stage 1—semistructured interviews28 Complex cases requiring surgery4; 4–5
All patients on biologics4; 3–4
All new diagnoses4; 3–4
All patients who have undergone recent IBD surgery3.5; 3–4
Nothing—no need for an eligibility criteria5; 3–5
Any case at the discretion of the named IBD physician4; 3–5
All cases discussed once a year2; 2–3.7