Table 1

Patient survey questions on aspects of care experience in patients with colorectal cancer

Question number*Synoptic form of questionExact question wording
 13Told diagnosis sensitivelyHow do you feel about the way you were told you had cancer?
 15Written info on cancer diagnosisWhen you were told you had cancer, were you given written information about the type of cancer you had?
 18Written info about treatment side-effectsBefore you started your treatment, were you given written information about the side effects of treatment(s)?
 19Shared decision-makingWere you involved as much as you wanted to be in decisions about which treatment(s) you would have?
 20Given name of specialist nurseWere you given the name of a clinical nurse specialist who would be in charge of your care?
 21Ease of contacting specialist nurseHow easy was it for you to contact your clinical nurse specialist?
 30Staff explained operation—beforeBefore you had your operation, did a member of staff explain what would be done during the operation?
 32Staff explained operation—afterAfter the operation, did a member of staff explain how it had gone in a way you could understand?
 35Confidence in hospital doctorDid you have confidence and trust in the doctors treating you?
 40Confidence in ward nurseDid you have confidence and trust in the ward nurses treating you?
 43Thought info withheldWhile you were in hospital did you ever think that the doctors or nurses were deliberately not telling you certain things that you wanted to know?
 49Written info at dischargeWere you given clear written information about what you should or should not do after leaving hospital?
 51Self-management info post-dischargeDid the doctors or nurses give your family or someone close to you all the information they needed to help care for you at home?
 58Emotional support as out-patientWhile you were being treated as an outpatient or day case, were you given enough emotional support from hospital staff?
 60Waiting time as out-patientThe last time you had an out-patient appointment with a cancer doctor at one of the hospitals named in the covering letter, how long after the stated appointment time did the appointment start?
 63Adequate info given to GPAs far as you know, was your GP given enough information about your condition and the treatment you had at the hospital?
 64General practice staff supportDo you think the GPs and nurses at your general practice did everything they could to support you while you were having cancer treatment?
 65Cancer care integrationDid the different people treating and caring for you (such as GP, hospital doctors, hospital nurses, specialist nurses, community nurses) work well together to give you the best possible care?
  • *Cancer Patient Experience Survey (2010).

  • GP, general practitioner