Table 2

Demographics and frequency of diagnoses for the entire cohort, as well as by site

Entire cohortDundeeAberdeenGlasgow
Age (years)53.4575449.3
% Female49.5%53%54%41%
 Wilson’s disease0000
 NAFLD, no fibrosis7860810
 NAFLD with fibrosis372188
 ARLD, no fibrosis211623
 ARLD with fibrosis248115
 Isolated elevated Alk Phos10703
 Gilbert’s syndrome0000
  • *One case of HBV/HCV coinfected.

  • A1AT, alpha 1 antitrypsin; AIH, autoimmune hepatitis; Alk Phos, alkaline phosphatse; ARLD, alcohol-related liver disease; BMI, body mass index; DILI, drug-induced liver injury; HBV, hepatitis B virus infection; HCV, hepatitis C virus infection; NAFLD, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; PBC, primary biliary cholangitis.