Table 4

Ranking (in descending importance) of main causes of stress: 7=highest to 0=lowest

CauseNumber respondingRespondents ranking, n (%)Mean±SD ranking
HighestSecond highest
Excessive work341162 (47)77 (23)4.59±1.99
Working conditions beyond control33149 (15)112 (24)3.85±1.82
Other work pressures32027 (8)38 (12)2.77±1.92
Conflict at work28825 (9)26 (12)2.52±1.92
Work not confident to do28920 (7)27 (9)2.42±1.90
Clinical errors29113 (4)26 (9)2.40±1.73
Issues outside work32034 (11)18 (6)1.49±2.46
Accusations of inappropriate behaviour28321 (7)10 (4)0.63±2.23
  • Variable numbers result from some respondents not grading all factors. If recalculated after assigning assumed missing values, similar results and identical ranking order were obtained. Seventy-one respondents stated that they did not feel stressed but 26 of these still reported reasons for stress; these are included here (excluding them did not affect the rankings).