Table 2

Prevalence of behavioural indicators of stress over the past year (n=419)

Behavioural indicators (because of stress)
 Visited general practitioner30 (7%)
 Referred to occupational health21 (5%)
 Taken planned time off work29 (7%)
 Not turned up for work at short notice7 (2%)
 Taken antidepressant/anxiolytic24 (6%)
 Considered taking own life23 (6%)
 Any objective indicator90 (21%)
Problems at work (because of stress)
 Considered clinical judgement impaired87 (23%)
 Lost temper at work183 (44%)
Thoughts of leaving (because of stress):
 Hospital where working202 (48%)
 Specialty of gastroenterology82 (20%)
 Medical profession112 (27%)