Table 1

Modified STOP-BANG screening checklist for OSA

Snoring loudly on regular basis
Daytime tiredness
Observation of ‘gasping for breath in sleep’ by others
High blood pressure
BMI≥35 kg/m2
Age>50 years
Neck details (measured around Adam’s apple)
 Male > 17  in. collar
 Female > 16  in. collar
Gender Male
Total ‘Yes’ score:
  • OSA—Low Risk: Yes to 0–2 questions.

  • OSA—Intermediate Risk: Yes to 3–4 questions.

  • OSA—High Risk: Yes to 5–8 questions.

  • Or Yes to 2 or more of 4 STOP questions+male gender.

  • Or Yes to 2 or more of 4 STOP questions+BMI>35kg/m2.

  • Or Yes to 2 or more of 4 STOP questions+neck circumference 17 in./43 cm in male or 16 in./41 cm in female.

  • Adapted from Stop-Bang Questionnaire.

  • Chung F; Anaesthesiology 2008; 108(5):812-21.14

  • BMI, body mass index; OSA, obstructive sleep apnoea.