Table 1

ENTS framework14

Communication and teamworkMaintains clear communication
Gives and receives knowledge and information in a clear and timely fashion
Ensures team and endoscopist working together
Ensures patient is centre of procedure, ensures safety and comfort
Clear communication of results and management plan with patient/carers
Situation awarenessProcedure carried out with respect and dignity
Continuous evaluation of patient condition
Ensures lack of distractions and maintains concentration, particularly during difficult situations
Intraprocedural changes to scope setup monitored and rechecked
LeadershipProvides emotional and cognitive support to team members by tailoring leadership and teaching style appropriately
Supports safety and quality by adhering to current protocols and codes of clinical practice
Adopts a calm and controlled demeanour when under pressure, using all resources to maintain control of situation and taking responsibility for patient outcome
Judgement and decision makingConsiders options and possible courses of action to solve an issue or problem, including assessment of risk or benefit
Communicates decisions and actions to team members prior to implementation
Reviews outcomes of procedure or options for dealing with problems
Reflects on issues and institutes changes to improve practice
  • ENTS,¬†Endoscopic Non-Technical Skills.