Table 2

Endoscopy in situ simulation in the UK

Webster et al,39
Endoscopy team training
Integrated simulation (simulated patient and VR simulator). Video feedback used
Participant feedback pre-session and post-sessionFour individual coursesEndoscopy team (nurses, healthcare assistants, endoscopists)
47 participants
Improved self-reported confidence in managing emergency scenarios (85% participants)
Development of shared learning
Ravindran et al,40
Endoscopy nurse training
Low fidelity manikin, mobile simulation equipment, role playing
Participant feedback immediately post session15 sessions (over 1 year)Endoscopy nurses, healthcare assistants
99 responses
Improved self-reported communication and leadership skills
97% agreed training improved clinical practice
Jackson et al,41
Gastroenterology ward MDT team training
GI-related clinical scenarios including post-endoscopycare
UnclearFive sessions (over 6 months)MDT ward members
24 participants
Increased sense of preparation for clinical incidents
Led to development of further targeted training sessions
  • VR, virtual reality.