Table 3

Themes arising from free-text responses to patient satisfaction surveys

ThemeExample responses
General satisfaction with the service It has been an extremely positive experience.
Very impressed and excited about having more knowledge about my nutrition.
Was a lot more positive than I was expecting.
Was good going through different types of treatment paths instead of straight to surgery. Answered all my questions.
I am 100% happy with this service.
Positive clinician traits Very happy with level of care and depth of understanding of my condition.
(Dietitian) is lovely, which made it a much more pleasant appointment.
Very friendly and informative.
Very interesting suggestions and very clearly explained.
Great service. Good listeners and professional—highly recommended.
Sense of gratitude I’m very grateful for this service.
Never thought one day I will get a chance to resolve this problem.
So happy to have a plan and a goal! Thank you.
Absolutely brilliant such awesome result. Extremely happy.
Wait time length Long waiting time is a problem.
Aside from appointment wait times/availabilities, I can think of no improvement.
Everything was good and quick, no complaints.
Didn’t wait long.