Table 2

Patient satisfaction scores with the dietitian first gastroenterology clinic

DomainMean score mmSDPatient satisfaction
n (%)
Overall satisfaction96.60.81Less than satisfied0
Satisfied1 (1.4)
Very satisfied72 (98.6)
Patient confidence in the treating clinician93.11.74Less than confident2 (2.7)
Confident2 (2.7)
Very confident69 (94.6)
Patient confidence in self-management after appointments86.52.07Less than confident3 (4.1)
Confident4 (5.5)
Very confident66 (90.4)
Extent to which patient expectations were met95.90.91Less than satisfied0
Satisfied2 (2.7)
Very satisfied71 (97.3)
Likelihood that patient would recommend service to others97.00.78Less likely0
Likely2 (2.7)
Very likely71 (97.3)
Likelihood that patient would attend future scheduled appointments97.70.56Less likely0
Likely1 (1.4)
Very likely72 (98.6)