Table 1

Clinical demographics of patients fulfilling the TWW criteria, NG12 and DG30 and characteristics of the CRC identified and missed grouped by criteria; TWW (all comers), NG12 and DG30

TWW (N=612)NG12 (N=519)DG30 (N=79)
Age (mean)66.468.656.1
 Rectal bleeding2442300
 Abdominal pain17515819
 Change in bowel habit39034940
 Weight loss91847
 Anaemia, including iron deficiency1179425
 Abdominal/rectal mass10100
 Family history of CRC11910412
FIT median (IQR); µg Hb/g faeces1.89 (1–7.48)1.9 (1–8.3)1.6 (0.9–2.6)
Patients with cancer (N=38)TWW (N=38)NG12 (N=33)DG30 (N=5)
 Rectal bleeding18180
 Abdominal pain17134
 Change in bowel habit23230
 Weight loss880
 Anaemia, including iron deficiency633
 Abdominal/rectal mass10100
 Family history of CRC440
Median FIT (IQR); µg Hb/g faeces261.5 (104.4–910)256.9 (100.55–906.33)266.1 (199.25–633.5)
Missed CRC; FIT negative (N=5)TWW (N=5)NG12 (N=5)DG30 (N=0)
Site R/L2/32/30
Anaemia (%)3 (60%)3 (60%)0
Mass2 (40%)2 (40%)0
Weight loss4 (80%)4 (80%)0
Median FIT (IQR); µg Hb/g faeces2.5 (1.1–5.7)2.5 (1.1–5.7)N/A
  • CRC, colorectal cancer; FIT, faecal immunochemical test; Hb, haemoglobin; TWW, 2-weeks wait.