Table 3

Local investigations and key information to include in referral letter (more details in online supplementary appendices 3–5)

(include all details of pathologies, and important negatives)
(general investigations as below)
Disease-specific investigations
CardiovascularChest X-rayPSC: colonoscopy and recent liver imaging
RespiratoryECGPBC/AIH: drug history
RenalEchocardiogramHepatitis B: screening tests and viral load
BoneOxygen SaturationHepatitis C: details of treatment
HIVAnalysis of AscitesHCC: recent imaging and MDT discussions
ObesityEndoscopyPLD/PLKD: brain imaging for Berry aneurysms
Surgical/anaesthetic historyNutritional assessmentBudd-Chiari syndrome: history of shunts.
NutritionAssessment of the performance statusWilson’s disease: details of treatments
Metabolic syndromeUp to date blood tests and UKELDEncephalopathy: brain imaging, ammonia, number connection tests
Non-hepatic cancerAdherence/addiction
Infectious diseaseAscites: number of drains, episodes of SBP
Social supportAlcohol related liver disease: period of abstinence, engagement with addiction services and so on
Alcohol and substance abuse
Mental health
  • AIH, Autoimmune Hepatitis; ArLD, Alcohol related Liver Disease; HCC, Hepatocellular Carcinoma; MDT, Multi Disciplinary Team; NG, Naso-gastric; NICE, National Institute for Health & Care Excellence; PBC, Primary Biliary Cholangitis; PLD/PLKD, Polycystic Liver Disease/Polycystic Liver & Kidney Disease; PSC, Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis; SBP, Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis; TC, Transplant Co-ordinator.