Table 2

YHEC modelled outcomes of FIT compared with FC based on sensitivity and specificity per thousand patients using McDonald et al, Godber et al and Mowat et al as the comparators

Faecal biomarkerTotal costsCorrectly diagnosed non-OEDCorrectly diagnosed OEDUnnecessary colonoscopiesClinician attendanceIncremental costs
FIT≥10 µg/g comparator: McDonald et al*£258 179931329139−£70 908
FIT≥10 µg/g comparator: Godber et al*£360 11775243188304£30 938
FIT≥10 µg/g comparator: Mowat et al*£338 51779041150270£9338
 FC ≥100 µg/g£329 17981249125270Referent
  • FC, faecal calprotectin; FIT, faecal immunochemical test for haemoglobin; OED, organic enteric disease, a composite of colorectal cancer, significant adenomatous polyps and inflammatory bowel disease.