Table 4

Absolute and relative contra-indications to LT

Absolute contraindicationsRelative contraindications*
Untreated HIV*Inadequate social support
Severe extrahepatic disease with predicted mortality >50% at 5 years including psychiatric disorderSmoking
Severe irreversible pulmonary diseaseCertain anatomical variants
Ongoing alcohol misuseExtensive previous abdominal surgery
Active illicit drug useBMI >40 kg/m2
Certain anatomic variantsPoor clinic attendance and/or adherence
Ongoing extra-hepatic sepsis*
Active or previous extra-hepatic malignancy†
Liver cancer outside criteria*
  • *These contra-indications can be temporary and require discussion with LTU.

  • †LT is considered for patients with neuroendocrine tumours (requires referral to national panel).46

  • BMI, body mass index; LT, liver transplant; LTU, liver transplant unit.