Table 2

Perceived barriers to AUGIB training

I consider the following to be a barrier to AUGIB trainingStrongly disagree (%)Disagree (%)Neutral (%)Agree (%)Strongly agree (%)
Lack of structured training opportunities0.66.17.746.439.2
Not being part of the AUGIB rota2.29.412.733.742.0
Ad hoc service performed by consultant colleagues1.712.223.247.515.5
Competing pressures from GI training/on call2.230.423.829.314.4
Competing pressures from GIM training/on-call0.
I have no interest in managing AUGIB84.
Lack of courses/e-learning5.032.026.528.77.7
  • AUGIB, acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding; GI, gastrointestinal; GIM, general internal medicine.