Table 2

Clinical outcomes of patients with COVID-19

Overall (n=299)Normal liver function throughout
Abnormal liver function on or during course of admission
P value
Supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula, face mask or venturi, n (%)190 (63.5)114 (69.1)76 (56.7)0.074
Ventilatory support, n (%)61 (20.4)17 (10.3)44 (32.8)<0.001
Admission to high dependency or intensive care, n (%)64 (21.4)18 (10.9)46 (34.3)<0.001
Length of hospital stay, days9.34±11.47.41±6.2011.7±15.3<0.001
In-hospital mortality, n (%)99 (33.1)62 (37.6)37 (27.6)0.723
  • Data are presented as n (%) and mean±SD.

  • P values refer to the comparison between patients with or without liver function derangement. P values <0.05 are in bold.

  • In multivariate analyses, the following covariates were included: age, ethnicity, sex, comorbidity profile (hypertension, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, cardiac disease and immunosuppression) and medication (ACE inhibitor, angiotensin II receptor blocker, antibiotics and lopinavir–ritonavir).