Table 5

Summary of NICE guidelines for weight loss through lifestyle changes with selected practical suggestions10

Goal Practical suggestions
Diet 600kcal/day reduction in energy intakeEncourage a diet rich in colourful vegetables, fruits, beans, pulses, wholegrains and fish
(Men: 1900kcal/dayIncrease the proportion of high-fibre or wholegrain foods
Women: 1400kcal/day)Avoid takeaway and processed foods
Avoid sugary drinks and replace them with water or drinks with no or low sugar
Avoid energy-dense snacks (biscuits, chocolates, cakes)
Physical activity Weight neutral: 30 mins/day 5 days a weekBrisk walking or running
Weight loss: 45–60 mins/dayStair climbing, avoid escalators and lifts
Weight loss maintenance: 60–90 mins/dayCycling
Supervised exercise programme
Reduce sedentary behaviourReduce the amount of time spent sat down, watching TV, using a computer or playing video games
Behavioural Self-monitoringRecord calorie intake of foods and drinks, record weight loss, slow down the speed of eating
Set goals based on what foods to eat, what foods to avoid, calorie intake and amount of physical activity
Goal settingInvolve family and friends to provide support
Plan meals weekly
Social supportAvoid or be able to manage the sight or smell of high-calorie highly-palatable foods
Relapse prevention
  • Adapted from NICE.10