Table 2

(A) Aspects of endoscopy recovery plans and 2B

A. Aspects of recovery plans (n=97)Services (%)
Clinically vet referrals to validate cases on endoscopy waiting lists75 (77)
Change referral pathway (eg, introduce alternative investigations)68 (70)
Restore normal services as soon as possible51 (53)
Additional in-house sessions out-of-hours28 (29)
Use out-sourcing service (send patients to another organisation)26 (27)
Extended and extra sessions provided in-house due to increased flexibility26 (27)
Use in-sourcing service (external team coming in) to provide additional sessions19 (20)
No recovery plan2 (2)
B. Barriers to COVID-19 testing asymptomatic staff (n=85) Services (%)
Hospital/organisation unable to support or not routinely testing staff23 (27)
Hospital/organisation supportive, but unable to get test capacity20 (24)
Not considered15 (18)
Considered, but not practical/appropriate in endoscopy14 (26)
Awaiting decision/unsure6 (7)
Devolved central government decision3 (4)
Have not received any relevant guidance from the trust2 (2)
  • Barriers to COVID-19 testing of asymptomatic staff services highlighted.