Table 2

Cancer treatment details

PatientStageGradeCancerRadiotherapyOther treatments
1 T3A N0 M0No biopsyProstate60 Gy/20#6 months bicalutamide
2 T2c N0 M0Gleason 3+3Prostate60 Gy/20#Nil
3 T2 N0 M0Gleason 3+4Prostate60 Gy/20#6 months LHRH antagonist
4 T2b N0 M0Gleason 4+3Prostate60 Gy/20#7 months LHRH antagonist
5 T2 N0 M0Grade 2RectalNKPerianal resection of rectal lesion
6 T1c N0 M0Gleason 3+3Prostate57 Gy/19#3 months LHRH antagonist
7 Stage 1B with positive margins and lymphovascular invasionGrade 3Vaginal45 Gy/25#2 x HDR brachytherapy
8 T1c N0 M0Gleason 3+4Prostate60 Gy/20#6 months LHRH antagonist
9 TXN0Grade 2Rectal25 Gy/5#Papillon topical radiotherapy
10 T2b N0 M0Gleason 3+4Prostate60 Gy/20#7 months LHRH antagonist
11 Stage 2Grade 3Vaginal60 Gy/30#Cisplatin x2
Early cessation due to toxicity
13 T2a N0 M0Gleason 4+5Prostate60 Gy/20#25 months LHRH antagonist
14 T2c N0 M0Gleason 3+3Prostate72 Gy/32#6 months LHRH antagonist
15 T1c N0 M0Gleason 3+4Prostate60 Gy/20#Nil
16 T4 N0 M0Gleason 3+3Prostate50 Gy/16#Six cycles Docetaxel chemo pre-XRT in STAMPEDE trial
15 months LHRH antagonist
17 T2 N0 MxGleason 3+4ProstateNKLHRH antagonist
18 T3b N0 M0Gleason 4+3 +5Prostate52.5 Gy/20#
Prostate bed
Radical prostatectomy
19 T3a N0 M0Gleason 4+3Prostate60 Gy/20#3 months LHRH antagonist
20 T2c N0 M0Gleason 3+4Prostate60 Gy/20#Nil
21 T2 N0 M0Gleason 4+5Prostate60 Gy/20#6 months LHRH antagonist
  • Data not obtainable from treating sites.

  • .HDR, High dose-rate brachytherapy; LHRH, Luteinising hormone-releasing hormone; NK, not known; ; STAMPEDE, Systemic therapy in advancing or metastatic prostate cancer: evaluation of drug efficacy; XRT, Radiotherapy.