Table 3

Review of outcomes following implementation of the NAFLD bundle

NAFLD bundle completed n=23NAFLD bundle not completed n=27p value
Consultant review (ie, not trainee)52%48%
Age (years)*60 (22–82)63 (30–81)0.43
Sex (% male)57%63%0.77
Body Mass Index*33.8 (25.9–52)35 (29–44)0.69
Stage 3 or 4 fibrosis61%44%0.27
Metabolic risk factors
 Type 2 diabetes mellitus61%56%1.0
 Target weight documented78%22%<0.001
 Blood pressure reviewed78%22%<0.001
 Diabetes reviewed100%44%<0.001
 Dyslipidaemia reviewed100%78%0.016
 Alcohol intake documented87%41%0.001
 Patient provided with NAFLD information booklet96%11%<0.001
 Dietary advice documented100%59%0.001
 Exercise advice documented96%56%0.001
  • *Mann-Whitney U test used.

  • BMI, body mass index.