Table 3

Key themes denoting barriers to trainee to trainer feedback with verbatim examples from the open-ended question responses

Barriers to trainee to trainer feedbackVerbatim examples
Lack of anonymity affecting ability to give honest feedback
  • Difficult as non-anonymised so quality of true feedback may be impaired. Some trainers only have one trainee. So, all the feedback, although anonymous could be tracked to the person

Time constraints
  • Lack of time…… to many patients on the training list……

  • Sufficient time at ad-hoc list is not always easy

Concern around openness/ receptiveness of trainer to feedback from trainee
  • Those that are interested in receiving feedback ask for it, those that are not interested do not and I don't think they would be interested in receiving it in a different form

Concern about how feedback could affect future training
  • I didn't feel I could give honest feedback for the fear of retribution and being side-lined

Infrequent lists
  • Lack of lists—less than one a month

Hierarchical barriers
  • I think maybe because my trainer is one of my consultants and the power balance could potentially make it difficult to give honest feedback

Not regular practice/not expected
  • I forget to complete the form and my trainer doesn't seem bothered if I do complete