Table 2

A table showing the number of responses denoting their agreement with statements about their experience of their training for the last endoscopy list they went to

Strongly agreeAgreeNeitherDisagreeStrongly disagreeNo answer
My trainer made me feel comfortable:72497010
I felt comfortable to raise concerns during any of the procedures:79425300
When I asked for assistance this was supported:90333300
I could tell my trainer was aware when I would benefit from instruction/guidance:714310410
My trainer appropriately took over the scope when I needed assistance:494072130
When my trainer took the scope they used this as a training opportunity:3437105439
When my trainer took the scope they offered to give it back at a suitable moment:393288339
My trainer provided me with advice or suggestions for improving my technique:584487111
My trainer allowed time for training within the confines of the list:634653111