Table 2

Prioritisation of colonoscopy when endoscopy services had resumed

Prioritisation of endoscopyCriteria
EP1Abnormal imaging/rectal mass suspicious of cancer*
FIT >60 μgHb/g
Patients >10 week on pathway (excluding polyps and FIT <10 μgHb/g)
EP2Any risk and >8 weeks on pathway with no imaging
High-risk symptoms with no imaging
High-risk polyps
Non-specific imaging abnormalities
EP3High-risk symptoms and normal imaging
Standard risk symptoms
FIT 11–59 μgHb/g
Standard risk polyp
EP4FIT <10 μgHb/g
Low risk polyps
Symptoms not fulfilling NICE guideline NG12 criteria
  • *Patients found to have changes consistent with CRC on CT had an expedited LGI endoscopy performed by exception.

  • CRC, colorectal cancer; EP, endoscopy prioritisation; LGI, lower gastrointestinal; NICE, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.