Table 1

Studies measuring diagnostic accuracy of different MRI and US modalities in detecting fibrosis and inflammation in Crohn’s disease against histopathological/surgical specimens

(n=number of study participants)
ModalityAnatomical locationFibrosisInflammation/Ulceration
Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Sensitivity (%)Specificity (%)
Rimola et al n=4143 MRI T2Small bowel, colonic948985100
Huang et al n=2744 MRI T2Small bowel9290n/an/a
Zhang et al n=2645 MRI-IVIM-DWISmall bowel, colonic9382n/an/a
Li et al n=315 MT-MRISmall bowel9692n/an/a
Chen et al n=3546 US+SWESmall bowel, colonic70928858
Ding et al n=2547 US+pSWESmall bowel, colonic75100n/an/a
  • IVIM-DWI, intravoxel incoherent motion-diffusion weighted imaging; MT, magnetisation transfer; n/a, not available; pSWE, point shear wave elastography; SWE, shear wave elastography; US, ultrasonography.