Table 2

Summary of TNE procedures during the full roll-out of the service

All completed procedures via the transnasal route only (n=209)*All attempted procedures (n=225)
Attempts via transnasal route
Attempts with subsequent conversion to oral route if permitted (n=214)†
Oesophageal intubation209/209 (100%)211/225‡ (93.8%)216/225 (96.0%)
J manoeuvre rate209/209 (100%)211/225‡ (93.8%)216/225 (96%)
D2 intubation205/209§ (98.1%)205/225 (91.1%)210/225 (93.3%)
Inlet patch detection13/209 (6.2%)13/225 (5.7%)13/225 (5.7%)
  • *Two hundred twenty-five procedures were performed of which 209 patients had a completed TNE in which the clinical intention was achieved.

  • †Of these 16 incomplete procedures, a further 5 patients for whom the nasal route was unsuccessful were successfully converted to the oral route; there were also 3 patients who also did not tolerate the oral route either.

  • ‡Of the 16 incomplete procedures, 2 patients had examinations of the oesophagus and stomach in retroflexion before withdrawing consent, giving a figure of 211.

  • §Four of these patients scoped for Barrett’s or EoE surveillance did not have D2 intubation as they had recent completed examinations.

  • EoE, eosinophilic oesophagitis; TNE, transnasal endoscopy.