Table 1

BSG climate change and sustainability strategic objectives

Strategic objectives
PersonalBSG will promote awareness and share knowledge regarding climate change and sustainability with regard to gastrointestinal and liver health, and delivery of services. We will not be advising members on how to conduct their personal lives with regard to sustainability.
ProfessionalBSG will share knowledge on relevant issues, and advise on how sustainability can be practised and promoted within our professional services. This will align to the NHS net-zero strategy, and innovative practice will be encouraged and developed. Within BSG professional practice, higher committees and sections will consider how sustainability affects their field of practice.
OrganisationalBSG will aim to achieve, where practicable, sustainable practice across all aspects and activities of the organisation.
PoliticalBSG will consider direct or collaborative options to highlight the gastroenterology and hepatology issues with regard to sustainability at a governmental level, with an aim to improve practice where evidence for this exists.
InternationalBSG will collaborate with other professional organisations internationally to achieve the aims of our climate change and sustainability strategy. This will be in coordination with BSG International Committee.
ResearchBSG will encourage, promote and support research into opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint arising from gastrointestinal, hepatology and endoscopy services. This has been incorporated into the BSG Research Strategy
  • BSG, British Society of Gastroenterology; NHS, National Health Service.