Table 3

Breakdown of number of nursing, healthcare assistants or decontamination staff per service, vacancy rate and percentage absence through sickness in March 2021

RoleWTE per service median (IQR)Vacancy rate (% of vacancy out of total desired pool)
Absence through sickness (%)
Band 8—nurse lead over large service/multiple sites0.6 (0–1)5.2%±20.1%0.06%±0.6%
Band 7—nurse lead/senior sister/charge nurse1 (1–1)4.1%±16.4%1.11%±7.1%
Band 6—senior nurse/ODP/nurse lead/sister2.3 (1–4.6)8.0%±18.0%3.31%±12.0%
Band 5—registered nurses, operating department practitioners9.7 (2.9–20.5)16.5%±20.2%6.5%±10.5%
Band 4—assistant practitioners, senior healthcare assistants with expanded roles0.8 (0–2)6.0%±16.1%2.0%±9.8%
Band 3—decontamination staff, healthcare assistants2 (1–5.3)10.3%±21.2%3.67%±9.7%
Band 2—decontamination staff, healthcare assistants2 (0.5–6.6)9.2%±16.1%5.1%±13.3%
  • ODP, operating department practitioner; WTE, whole time equivalent.