Table 4

Equipment in detail

Scope typeEquipmentMaintenance and shortagesAge
Number per serviceDoes equipment shortage ever interfere with operation or service delivery?Is there a service and maintenance contract?Is there a lease agreement?% of equipment over 10 years oldNumber of new equipment purchased/provided in past 3 years
Median (IQR)% of services responding ‘yes’Mean±SD
OGD11 (5–22)11.6%98.7%26.6%16.8%±27.2%4.9±7.0
Colonoscope10 (5–22)13.1%97.4%28.2%14.6%±25.4%5.1±7.2
ERCP2 (0–4)12.9%98.1%28.4%11.4%±24.3%0.8±1.6
EUS0 (0–2)27.2%97.8%32.6%4.0%±16.2%0.6±1.5
Endoscopy stack system3 (1–6)11.5%96.0%25.2%6.8%±20.8%1.5±2.1
3D imaging systems2 (1–4)14.5%95.1%24.7%3.1%±13.7%1.1±1.7
Other0 (0–4)14.3%90.1%29.1%4.6%±18.6%1.1±3.4
  • Total numbers of equipment per service, maintenance and shortage information and age of scopes.

  • ERCP, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography; EUS, endoscopic ultrasound; OGD, oesophagogastroduodenoscopy.