Table 2

Qualitative coding scheme of 275 statements relating to virtual clinic visits

CodeResponse categoryNo. responses, %
1Advantages of virtual clinic
1aNot missing work5 (2)
1bNo waiting14 (5)
1cNo travel28 (10)
1dCost saving5 (2)
1eTime saving24 (9)
1fConvenience in general21 (8)
2Disadvantages of virtual clinic
2aUnable to have blood taken5 (2)
2bMiss face-to-face/virtual too impersonal15 (5)
2cMiss physical examination8 (3)
3Disease activity as a decision factor
3aPrefer face-to-face if disease active18 (7)
  • Note that the number of coded responses does not total 275 nor do the percentages total 100 as some statements were non-specific and did not contribute to a major theme while some responses were coded in more than one category.