Table 1

Survey respondent personal demographics

Survey respondent demographicsn%
Geographical location:N=180
 England—Northern regions, Yorkshire and Humber4022.2
 England—Thames Valley and East of England2212.2
 England—London and Kent, Sussex and Surrey3217.8
 England—South West and Wessex2715
 Non-binary/prefer not to say21.11
 White British/Irish/other13675.6
 South Asian or South Asian British (Bangladeshi, Pakistani or Indian)2011.1
 Chinese or Chinese British10.56
 African Caribbean or African Caribbean British10.56
 Arab or Arab British21.11
 Mixed or multiple ethnic group42.22
 Any other ethnic group168.89
Identifies as having a visible or invisible disability (N=180)95
 25–34 years1810
 35–44 years5329.4
 45–54 years5932.8
 55–64 years4424.4
 65+ years63.33
Job role within gastroenterology and hepatology:N=179
 New consultant (<5 years in post)158.38
 Consultant established in post (>5 years in post)8849.2
 Consultant within 5 years of retirement4223.5
 Associate Specialist10.56
No of programmed activities in consultant job plans:N=144
 Less than 102416.7
 More than 122416.7
Non-consultant (trainees/associate specialists) working less than full time (N=46)817.4
Subspecialty interests (up to two could be selected):N=180
 Advanced endoscopy6938.3
 Inflammatory bowel disease9251.1
 Upper gastrointestinal2212.2
 Not applicable126.67
Work pattern includes general medicine on-call (N=180)6335