Table 1

YP responses to open ended questions about barriers, benefits and improvements to VC

Main benefits of VC (YP)No. of respondent referencesIs there anything that would put you off VC (YP)No. of respondent references
Saves travel36If you need to see doctor for examination/have tests/collect prescription11
More convenient19No10
Do not miss work/school11Connection/technology issues8
Safer during pandemic9Conversation easier F2F (nothing gets missed/misinterpreted)7
More accessible6Prefer F2F6
Appointment more on time with VC5VC feels less comfortable4
Less stressful3VC feels impersonal4
Get sooner review2Privacy issues during VC3
Efficient2F2F feels less rushed3
No parking problems2VC running late2
Good for simple questions/follow-up1Might not know HCP in VC2
More flexible1Less likely to forget questions/information in F2F1
Cannot be late to VC1Hard of hearing and struggle with VC1
Cannot see body language in VC1
Want option of F2F1
Didn’t feel valued on phone1
  • F2F, face to face; HCP, healthcare professional; VC, virtual consultations; YP, young persons.