Table 2

Summary of key findings from HCP questionnaire

HCP (N=35)
VC strengths
(from Likert scale questions)
Patient was prepared for VC 90%
VC consultation felt useful 88%
Spoke to YP directly when phone answered for appointment 80%
Technology for VC easy to use 75%
VC areas of concern
(from Likert scale questions)
Patient had to come to hospital for tests post VC 77%
Unable to speak to YP privately 69%
Improved phone signal/internet connection required 43%
Difficulty arranging investigations post VC 23%
Suggested improvements (from open ended questions)Improve IT
Patient/family to answer phone/video call during appointment slot
Have YP present for VC
Increase ability to speak to YP alone
Having results ready and easily accessible
Improved pathways for requesting tests
  • HCP, healthcare professional; VC, virtual consultations; YP, young persons.