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National census of UK endoscopy services in 2019
Ravindran, Srivathsan; Bassett, Paul; Shaw, Tim; et al.

Recent advances in the detection and management of early gastric cancer and its precursors
Waddingham, William; Nieuwenburg, Stella A., V; Carlson, Sean; Rodriguez-Justo, Manuel; Spaander, Manon; et al.

Gastrointestinal manifestations of COVID-19 in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Akobeng, Anthony K.; Grafton-Clarke, Ciaran; Abdelgadir, Ibtihal; et al.

IBD in pregnancy: recent advances, practical management
Selinger, Christian P.; Nelson-Piercy, Catherine; Fraser, Aileen; et al.

Standards for the provision of antenatal care for patients with inflammatory bowel disease: guidance endorsed by the British Society of Gastroenterology and the British Maternal and Fetal Medicine Society
Selinger, Christian; Carey, Nicola; Cassere, Shelley; Nelson-Piercy, Catherine; Fraser, Aileen; et al.

Getting to grips with sarcopenia: recent advances and practical management for the gastroenterologist
Hollingworth, Thomas William; Oke, Siddhartha M.; Patel, Harnish; Smith, Trevor R.

Systematic review: the impact of inflammatory bowel disease-related fatigue on health-related quality of life
Radford, Shellie Jean; McGing, Jordan; Czuber-Dochan, Wladyslawa; Moran, Gordon

Green endoscopy: using quality improvement to develop sustainable practice
Maurice, James B.; Rochford, Andrew; Marshall, Sarah; Sebastian, Shaji; Dhar, Anjan; Hayee, Bu’Hussain

Data from a large Western centre exploring the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on endoscopy services and cancer diagnosis
Longcroft-Wheaton, Gaius; Tolfree, Natalie; Gangi, Anmol; et al.

Incidence and prevalence of inflammatory bowel disease in Devon, UK
Hamilton, Ben; Green, Harry; Heerasing, Neel; Hendy, Peter; Moore, Lucy; et al.

COVID-19-related health anxieties and impact of specific interventions in patients with inflammatory bowel disease in the UK
Mir, Nasir; Cheesbrough, Jonathan; Troth, Thomas; Hussain, Nasir; Hopkins, Laurence Joseph; et al.

JAG/BSG national survey of UK endoscopy services: impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and early restoration of endoscopy services
Catlow, Jamie; Beaton, David; Beintaris, Iosif; Shaw, Tim; Broughton, Raphael; Healey, Chris; Penman, Ian; Coleman, Mark; Rutter, Matt

Tunnelled peritoneal drainage catheter placement for the palliative management of refractory ascites in patients with liver cirrhosis
Corrigan, Margaret; Thomas, Rhodri; McDonagh, Joanne; Speakman, John; Abbas, Nadir; et al.

The gut microbiome: what every gastroenterologist needs to know
Mullish, Benjamin H.; Quraishi, Mohammed Nabil; Segal, Jonathan P.; Ianiro, Gianluca; Iqbal, Tariq H.

Disease monitoring of biologic treatment in IBD: early impact and future implications of COVID-19 pandemic
Shields, Stephanie; Dunlop, Allan; Seenan, John Paul; Macdonald, Jonathan

Guideline review: British Society of Gastroenterology/UK-PSC guidelines for the diagnosis and management of primary sclerosing cholangitis
Nicoletti, Alberto; Maurice, James B.; Thorburn, Douglas

Implementation of a care bundle improves the management of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Neilson, Laura Jane; Macdougall, Louise; Lee, Phey Shen; Hardy, Timothy; Beaton, David; et al.

Evaluation of a primary to secondary care referral pathway and novel nurse-led one-stop clinic for patients with suspected non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Fowell, Andrew J.; Fancey, Kirsty; Gamble, Karen; Bicknell, Kelly; Dowman, Joanna K.; et al.

Serum ammonia use: unnecessary, frequent and costly
Aby, Elizabeth; Olson, Andrew P. J.; Lim, Nicholas

Joint Advisory Group on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (JAG) framework for managing underperformance in gastrointestinal endoscopy
Ravindran, Srivathsan; Thomas-Gibson, Siwan; Siau, Keith; Smith, Geoff, V; Coleman, Mark; Rees, Colin; Healey, Chris